High Performance & Health Institute

Our programs are aimed at High Performers such as CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Athletes, Artists and other professionals who want to be guided towards personal and business success.


Regain control of your life. Transform into the person you can actually want to be by applying brain laws.


Whether it's weight reduction, muscle building or recovering from an injury, with the right commitment we guarantee amazing results in the shortest possible time frame.


Optimize your results and gain a competitive advantage with our coaching and mentoring programs aimed at entrepreneurs, leaders and high performance teams.

Our method

Total Lifestyle Coaching (TLC)

BodyMentors is a progressive health institute with a unique methodology that guarantees results. We not only promise you a resilient mind and a vital and strong body, but we also guide you in becoming the best version of yourself. Both personal and professional. 

Om die belofte waar te maken, werken we met unieke programma’s afgestemd op jouw persoonlijke doelstellingen. Hierbij maken we gebruik van de laatste wetenschappelijke inzichten op het gebied van voeding, bewegings- en neurowetenschappen.

High Performance & Health Institute
BodyMentors BrainFit
Personal coaching

For a sharp mind

At school we all have received an educcation with various subjects that should prepare us for society. We just never learned how our brains work.  

Pretty strange when you consider that everything we do or decide happens in the brain. We have therefore included the MIND component in all our disciplines, in order to achieve the desired result that we strive for in life.

Our BRAIN FIT program helps to prevent burnout, build mental resilience, improve your leadership qualities and increase your ability to learn and innovate. 

Our approach is based on the limitations and possibilities offered by the human brain - how we absorb new information, approach our work and interact with each other.

  • Een leider schuilt in een ieder van ons, waar je achter wilt komen, is wat voor leider jij bent.
  • Get the most out of yourself and others through our coaching and mentoring program.
  • Discover yourself following the most important brain laws.
  • We would like to invite you to take another critical look at your own beliefs.
  • Together we'll look for the cause and the effect. Stress is something we tell ourselves.
  • We'll teach you to manage expectations.
  • Mindset framing
  • Burnout treatment
  • Personal Leadership
  • Career redesign
  • Stress management
Personal training

For a healthy body

You can exercise and lose weight anywhere these days, the difference is in the way you do it.

Each human body is anatomically almost identical, but because of our lifestyle, mindset and age we all have different goals and wishes. This requires a specific approach and customization to achieve the desired result.

Of het nu gaat om gewichtsreductie, revalidatie of algemene vitaliteit, met de juiste commitment garanderen we op basis van onze wetenschappelijk onderbouwde methodiek

100% guarantee on the desired goal,
within 90 days.

  • Our training sessions are gradually built up after we have extensively evaluated the results of the sports test.
  • You'll train with a select number of health professionals who will be well aware of your personal limitations and possibilities. We'll make sure that you'll be challenged in different ways.
  • Om het gewenste resultaat te behalen, nemen we jouw voedingspatroon onder de loep, je zult versteld staan welke mogelijkheden er zijn en hoeveel gedachtes/stellingen over voeding inmiddels achterhaald zijn.

To measure is to know. Using the so-called Zero-Test measurement at the beginning and at the end of our programs, we record and monitor your progress.

  • We examine your general condition, your VO2max, your muscle type, strength and endurance.

The obtained parameters play important role in getting the most out of your workouts. The Zero-Test measurement will be taken under the supervision of one of our human movement scientists.

The benefits of a massage on the body are invaluable. For example, the brain produces cortisol which may have a negative effect on our bodies.

Trough massage we can help the body and the brain to get rid of excessive stress hormones and activate better blood circulation. You'll come to rest and allow your muscles to recover better and faster so that you get more out of your workouts.

Sportmedische Test
Bodymentors Massages
  • Sport medical test
  • Personal fitness plan
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Supplements
  • Physiotherapy & massages
Professional coaching

For a profitable business

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  • For experienced leaders who know that this mirror is going to make the impossible possible.
  • You lead or work in a high performance environment. You want to be able to get the best out of yourself and others so that the team will excel even more.  
  • You want to take the next step in your business and realize that you are its very foundation.
  • Exploring your own fears in sales will allow you to take the next step in sales.

By using neuroscience-based methodologies, we help business leaders to cope with high performance pressure. We enable them to make better decisions and make it easier for their employees to work together. This leads to better progress and transfer of processes, substantially fewer conflicts in the workplace and increased overall performance. The result is much lower operational costs and more net profit.

High Performance & Health institute

Some of our statistics

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our coaches

All our coaches work with the BodyMentors TLC Methodology.
We are happy to assist you with your personal and professional challenges.

Total Lifestyle Coaching indicators

Mental resilience
Knowledge of brain laws
Social skills
Motivational Drives
Time management
Personal effectiveness
Business programs

High Performance Coaching

We introduce you to the powerful brain laws, once integrated it provide you powerful and competitive results.

We do not offer tips and tricks, but a systematic structure to arrive at actions and changed behaviors.

Once implemented, this will lead to effective and highly productive individuals and businesses.

  • Weekly business calls
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Physical and mental training
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice
Exclusive events

Elite Mentor Week

One day you're going to have to face the question: Is this all there is?

We know the answer... but you'll find out for yourself during our Elite Mentor Week. A week full of knowledge, personal insights, mental and physical breakthroughs and camaraderie. Question everything and obtain your answers.

New arrangements, real results

  • 7 days of mind, body and business experience 
  • Including travel and accommodation costs 
  • At an exclusive location abroad
Mentor week
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Within 3 months lose weightbecome a better leaderphysically strongerrecover from stressincreased performancemore self-knowledgeget rid of your physical complaintsmore self-confidenceovercome your fears

Would you like to achieve a specific objective in a short period of time? Then choose our 90 days Membership. When you carry a great responsibility within an organization or own a company you are often under high pressure, then it's even more important to be fit and as honest as possible with yourself in order to get the maximum out of your potential. If this appeals to you, book a free intake session for a Performance Membership.



Achieve your physical goal within
30 days already starting €150,- per week

  • Intake session by phone
  • Personal drives test
  • Sports medical test #1
  • Personal training
  • Sports medical test #2
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Orthomolecular consultation
  • Extra Personal Training
  • Massages

Services not included are
available separately.

* Please take into account the availability and timely booking of some services.



Achieve your goal
guaranteed within 60 days

  • Intake session by phone
  • Personal drives test
  • Online coaching session
  • Sports medical test #1
  • Personal training
  • Sports medical test #2
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Orthomolecular consultation
  • Extra Personal Training
  • Massages
  • Coaching session by phone
  • Online coaching

Services not included are
available separately.

* Please take into account the availability and timely booking of some services.


PERSONAL coaching & MENToring

Achieve your goal
guaranteed within 90 days 

  • Intake session by phone
  • Personal drives test
  • Online coaching session
  • Sport medical test #1
  • Personal training
  • Sports medical test #2
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Orthomolecular consultation
  • Massages
  • Coaching session by phone
  • Mentoring

All above mentioned services are

* Please take into account the availability and timely booking of some services.

How does it work?

Step 0


Answer few of questions about your current situation, wishes and objectives. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Step 1

Intake by phone

Would you rather prefer a telephone call? During a session of about 20 minutes we will clearly outline your goals.

Step 2

Personal drives test*

The results of this online personality test play an important role while composing your optimal coaching strategy.

* Only with Performance Membership.

Step 3

Intake session coaching*

During this session, the objectives are determined and an optimal coaching plan is established.

* Only with Performance Membership.

Step 4

Start BodyMentors

You start with a chosen program of BodyMentors.

Lionel Eersteling

Founder & CEO

As a coach and mentor I use a systematic structure to at actions and changed behaviors. You have to realize that you can't really unlearn things, but you can learn new things. By applying a number of brain laws you can actually transform into the person you want to become. The wisdom is already biologically stored in everyone's system. I'll merely help you unlock it. 

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Book today a free intake!

Take your future into your own hands.


This online intake takes about 5 minutes and consists of a number of questions about your current situation. Please be as honest as possible in answering them. Indicate when you'll be able to discuss the possibilities in a following short telephone call.

Intake by phone

In a 20 minutes long telephone intake we'll clearly outline your goals. Would you like to achieve your goals in a short period of time? Then you will have to really step out of your comfort zone to experience an actual growth. We'll make a plan and with your full commitment we guarantee your desired results. 


Our latest news

There is a special program designed only for your specific needs.

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